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Patient and drug safety

Humans vary in their biological reactions to medicinal products. This is why not all adverse reactions (side effects) associated with the use of medicinal products can be detected during clinical development, not even by the most comprehensive clinical trials. Capturing as many of these adverse reactions, however rare they may be in absolute terms, from worldwide sources is of paramount importance for continued patient and drug safety (pharmacovigilance).

For Bayer as a global pharmaceutical company, pharmacovigilance takes center stage, beyond mere compliance with worldwide regulations. To enable Bayer to provide up-to date safety information on Bayer products, your support is pivotal, whether you are a customer, patient or healthcare professional.

The following World Health Organization statement is emblematic of this shared responsibility: “To know of something that is harmful to another person, who does not know, and not telling, is unethical.” (Ethics in Pharmacovigilance – WHO)

To report an adverse event (ADR) to Bayer, please download the Bayer ADR Short Report Form and return it completed at your earliest convenience to:

Bayer AG, Global Pharmacovigilance,
Muellerstr. 178, D-13353 Berlin, Germany
Fax: +49 30 468 96765, E-mail:

Please feel free to refer to, and use for training, the attached ADR Training Slides on basic pharmacovigilance which will guide you through the reporting process.