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How does Jadelle® work?

Jadelle® implants release continuously low doses of a synthetic hormone, levonorgestrel. Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of mechanisms. The most important of these are inhibition of ovulation and thickening of the cervical mucus, which thus becomes impermeable to sperm. Jadelle® contains no estrogen.

When should Jadelle® be inserted?

After the counseling by your healthcare professional and making sure that you are not pregnant, the implants should be inserted within 7 days after the onset of menstrual bleeding, or immediately or within 7 days after abortion. If they are inserted at any other time, you will need to use an additional non-hormonal (barrier) method for the following 7 days. In case of questions, please consult with your healthcare professional.

Will the implants move around?

Following insertion, there have been some reports of slight displacement of Jadelle and other levonorgestrel implants, which have been associated with some reports of pain or discomfort. If displacement occurs, this may involve additional incisions or visits for the removal of Jadelle.

How is Jadelle® removed?

Jadelle implants must be removed by a well-trained healthcare professional at the end of five years. However, they can be removed at any time before that, for either personal or medical reasons.

For important risk and use information, please see the FIMEA Approved Patient information*

* This provides medical and scientific information on Jadelle in general. Please refer to the local Patient Information for the information applicable in your country.